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-- Chronology of Mae West's Life --

August 17, 1893: Mary Jane (Mae) West born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

1901: "Baby Mae" wins amateur contest at Royal Theater, Brooklyn

1907: Appears in stock at Gotham Theatre, Brooklyn

1911: Tours on Columbia burlesque wheel

April 11, 1911: Marries Frank Wallace in Milwaukee

September, 1911: Broadway debut as an Irish maid in A La Broadway

1912-1924: Tours in vaudeville, mainly on the Keith circuit

Mae West Keith Circuit Still

1916: Meets Jim Timony, longtime manager

October 1918 - June 1919: Does the shimmy in Sometime on Broadway

August 1921: Plays Shifty Liz in The Mimic World of 1921

1922: Writes play The Hussy with Adeline Leitzbach

1926: Creates, co-produces, and stars as Margy LaMont in Sex

January 1927: Mae West's homosexual drama The Drag opens out of town

February 1927: Police raid Sex

April 20, 1927: Sentenced to ten days in jail on Welfare Island

April 1928: A major hit in self-created Diamond Lil, Royale Theatre

October 1928: Second homosexual play, Pleasure Man, raided by the police

1930: Publishes novel about vice in Harlem, The Constant Sinner

1932: Moves to Hollywood; appears with George Raft in Night After Night

1933: Stars as Lady Lou in She Done Him Wrong, with Cary Grant

1933: Stars as Tira in I'm No Angel

1934: Joseph Breen enforces Production Code; cuts Belle of the Nineties

1935: Meets Amelia Earhart; marriage to Frank Wallace disclosed

1936: Stars as Rose Carleton/Sister Annie in Klondike Annie

1936: Paramount fails to renew her contract; she signs with Emanuel Cohen's Major Pictures, which get Paramount distribution

December 12, 1937: Creates a furor in "Adam and Eve" on Edgar Bergen's Chase and Sanborn Comedy Hour (radio)

1938: Every Day's a Holiday, her last picture distributed by Paramount

1939: Co-stars with W. C. Fields in My Little Chickadee

1954: Opens nightclub act with musclemen in Las Vegas

1957: Performs at Academy Awards with Rock Hudson

1959: Publishes autobiography, Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It

1970: Appears as Leticia Van Allen in Myra Breckinridge

1978: Appears as Marlo Manners in Sextette

November 22, 1980: Dies at her Hollywood Ravenswood apartment

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